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"La Quinta resident David Damian Figueroa, who has crusaded for the rights of farm workers, authors a Latino twist to a classic children's tale."


“David Damian Figueroa, who helped assemble a new mural of Dolores Huerta in Coachella, gives a speech at the unveiling of his artwork, Dec. 15, 2021.“


"Figueroa set out to write something for the entire family and not just for children. It’s designed to engage families on issues of migration, social justice, and perseverance."


“Food Chains” stars Longoria...The film is set in southern Florida, where a group of farm workers battles the global supermarket industry. It also explores the need for  awareness of where food comes from and who harvests it."


"We wonder how he finds the time to do all this when he is also working full-time as the Director of Development with the non-profit organization Farmworker Justice whose work helps to improve farmworker’s living and working conditions."


“Last week, the curatorial team installed “Save the Nopal, 2019” by artist David Damian Figueroa in the Museum’s lobby. “


Desperate Housewives star Eva Longoria is hoping to push the plight of farm laborers to the top of the U.S. policy agenda with the release of Food Chains, an activist documentary that she executive produced and which has its world premiere Monday as part of the Berlin Film Festival’s Culinary Cinema sidebar. 


"In its simplicity, Figueroa's story pointed to the at-times-complicated and, until this year, often less-than-full support for matters of LGBT equality demonstrated by some of the nation’s most influential civil rights organizations and also, some public opinion analysts say, by Latino families."


“I wrote this book because I really felt it has a lot of messages in it, a lot of symbolism, and a lot of things I learned along the way,” Figueroa said. 

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